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Space Opera: The Artist's Book

Somehow simultaneously deconstructing and constructive...
- John Robbins (TRS2 & small scrutinies weblogs)

Did the 20th century ever exist or did 1899 run straight into 2000? Epic Space Opera bookwork experiment runs reality test over existence of comic artist character named 'Mike Weller' using forms of uncomic strip, contemporary English novel, and graphic autobiography.

Published by Visual Associations


ISBN 0 95364 594 0

(Note: out of print and no longer available from Home'Baked Books).




Beowulf Cartoon


...beguiling in its simplicity and attraction...
- David Caddy (Tears in the Fence, 2007)


"Take of your treasure - and contribute

for the epic in kaleidoscope - from old word-maze

what better than - a book of Beowulf!"

- Bill Griffiths (from his introduction to Beowulf Cartoon)

...this adaptation is unique in that it directly connects the characters and their cultures with Norse mythology...

- Jim Bosomworth (Beowulf in 2-D)

Published by Writers Forum in association with Visual Associations.


ISBN 1 84254 584 1

Price 20.00

Harriet Staunton - A Victorian Murder Ballad

On Friday the 13th April 1877 the body of an unkempt and skeletal woman was found at a house in Penge, South East London. The woman's husband and young in-laws were accused of murdering her by starvation.

The ballad tells the sad tale of Harriet Staunton and the trial of those accused of killing her. Brothers Louis and Patrick Staunton; the beautiful Elizabeth, and her little sister Alice Rhodes.

Published by Visual Associations


ISBN 0 9528 1359 9

Price 9.00




Three Part The Secret Blue Book

"...better than viagra..." - (anonymous reader, 2008)

Bookwork contains complete Three Part The Secret Blue Book - Part One "The Secret (But-Not-So-Secret-Anymore) Blue Book by Professor Michael J. Cox", Part Two "The Fifth Form At St Elmo's by Ewa Yennep" (154 pp paperback) and Part Three "Porno Fun by Manka". The 3-part bookwork object comes in shocked-schoolgirl-sticker sealed manilla envelope - licensed sex shop stylee (inside jiffy postal packaging)

bookartbookshop Book of the Month, November 2005


(Note: out of print and no longer available from Home'Baked Books).



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