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  Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales in a box

    A legend in his own mind? Welcome to the wellerverse of 3World in 4Time ... 

The Making of Slow Fiction (PDF)








Hope Not Hape


Cliff Of Albion


From Eduard Mogilowski's Old Typewriter

David Wilson's Sinking Heart

Billy Crombie And The Crock Of Shit By MY Jolly

Lucky For Some

(His) Story Of English Superheroes

Graphic Novel

Addingcombe Calling Inspector Pannifer

2001: After Space Opera

Hannah Watts

Mike Weller's Cosmic Crusaders

G'wboe, Or The Woman-With- Blanked-Out-Eyes

Frederick Burrell Possessed

Character Avatars

Convenient Truth

A Voice Inside

Tomorrow People Mixdown

It's The Power, Man

War In Heaven

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

#22 Kid Cartoons Parts I & II


 Slow Fiction Character & Scene Guide


Now Here's A Tale With A Happy Ending

The Making of Slow Fiction

HomeBaked eBook 

Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales 2001-2010 is composed of twenty-two segments and a coda

Free-to-use fic-blogosphere addenda continue under rubric of work-in-progress towards online variations, comment threads, and future e-versions of Slow Fiction.

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Leo Tolstoy's short stories were collected as twenty-three tales. Beatrix Potter's illustrated world of anthropomorphic characters ran to twenty-three titles. Michelle Yvonne Jolly's tales of schoolboy magician Billy Crombie reached a total of twenty-three adventures.

As MY Jolly is product of MJ Weller's imagination the author's own twenty-three tales have been boxed as an installation of preposterous lies & miraculous marvels.

(A boxed Slow Fiction bookwork installation containing the twenty-three tales and Guide is available from Home'Baked Books).


















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