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Slow Science Fictions

Slow Science Fictions (SSF 2006-2009) were designed as series of chapbooks, using desk-top PC to produce images, high street photocopier to reproduce pages plus kitchen table to collate and staple 'home'baked' publications in form of twenty-two prose zines and bonus coda title.

Mike Weller's previous Space Opera comic-book serial (1997-1999) printed by Bob Cobbing's New River Project told the illustrated story of how, in 1986, fictional comics artist Mike Weller is left complete manuscripts, artworks, typescripts and collected published works of 1930s pulp magazine writer, Eduard (Eddie Mogul) Mogilowski and Mogul's collaborating colleague, artist and radical illustrator, Graham 'Gatch' Cratchett. 

In Space Opera, Weller found himself with ten-year mission bringing Ed Mogil’s characters to renewed life. Weller frames the stories as Judaeo-Christian epic read  through 'good' and ‘evil’ comic book superheroes and supervillains – the Cosmic Crusaders vs the Duke of Hell. Stories  were framed within another story – Weller’s four-dimensional alterity dreams and space voyages soundtracked by 20th century rock and roll and pop music.

A strange 'space opera' in which four versions of Weller - Mick or Mike, Michael, MJ and Michael John - near-clones co-existing in similar realities wrestle to produce a zine for a subcultural comics and sci-fi readership to regain one single identity - that of local Bromley-based experimental writer-in-residence, Michael J. Weller - author of Space Opera: The Artist's Book.

Slow Science Fictions, set after 9/11 with altered cultures of imagination, explored the difficulties in creating new characters and sub-characters occupying old 20th century comic-book tropes and sci-fi conspiracy theories.

Using genres of supernatural thriller, social realism, tv detective in sleepy village, porn, political caricature, light romance, science fantasy, Guardians of Life and Civilisation cartoons from Space Opera, contemporary English novel forms - slow science fictions developed into something else. A commixture of themes, forms and genres. 

At root, the work remained an independent artwork of written montage for small press production. Slow Fiction 'art writing' conscious of its own making.

For three years SSF titles were reviewed at BugPowder's small press comics weblog The Review Sheet (TRS2). Regular TRS2 interpreter of SSF titles, John Robbins, also generously replicated each SSF review for his own more eclectic weblog of independent British and Irish small press publications, small scrutinies. His short synopsis of each segment is both a narrative comment and critique in its own right.

Slow Science Fictions developed into Slow Fiction, a collection of "fics from the sticks".  Slow Fiction's twenty-two parts and coda, set in an imaginary wellerverse of 3World in 4Time, is now boxed bookwork - Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales 2001-2010.




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